In most of the companies, different applications are used because there is insufficient knowledge into which applications does what and supports which business process. Based on this, there can be stated that there are too many applications which make the ICT landscape very complex. This leads to unnecessary and very high costs. Moreover, because of all these different applications that have the same functions, the communication and collaboration of employees are also negatively impacted.

To manage the impact of changes, it is important to have coherence between applications, infrastructures, and databases. If these are not aligned, the ICT landscape becomes complex and also the applications are expensive to implement. This also leads to more disruptions, what no company wants.

Application Portfolio Management

Enterprise Architecture as a solution

The issues mentioned above needs to be controlled. Companies try to get these issues under control by the solution called enterprise architecture. This tries to connect the company; however, some results are disappointing. This is a result of the fact that business architecture uses its own jargon, namely ArchiMate.

Companies come up with their own solutions for compiling information, such as using Excel. Excel is unfortunately not the solution as it lacks visualization of the relationship between objects.

Two concluding questions can be drawn:

  1. What is the solution that offers the possibility to get insight that are desired and keeps enterprise architecture up to date?
  2. Which repository can be used by employees in a way that right decisions can be made?

A new solution

A new solution consists of different conditions, which are defined in a coordinated manner. The conditions are as follows:

  1. Managing important insight such as: how the different business operations are supported by resources and ICT tools;
  2. The functional, technical and financial aspects of the ICT components must support the repository. This also needs to be accessible and comprehensible for all employees on different levels within the organization.
  3. This repository must be linked to reality.
  4. There must be coherence between the ICT systems and business processes. This also needs to be easily visualized.


BlueDolphin is the answer to all questions asked above. This is an enterprise architecture system from Valueblue which also supports application portfolio management. This platform can automatically connect different sources because of the link with reality. BlueDolphion also offers the business process module besides the enterprise architecture and the application rationalization.

This Business Process module optimizes current work processes because of the fact that these procedures are better understood and also shared. It is important that the business processes are directly supported by ICT such as information flows, applications and so on.

BlueDolphin makes sure that all information comes at one place. Everyone in the organization has access to this platform. This makes it accessible to a single central reality. This can also be consulted and different things such as information can be added whenever you want.

The goal of BlueDolphin & Information it records?

To create an application landscape, BlueDolphin tries to combine all the information from all different sources such as Excel, scan software and so on. The first time an organization if executing it, it must start by cleaning up all relevant and irrelevant applications. As soon as this is done, you just need to keep your application landscape up to date.

BlueDolphin collects three types of information of all applications, namely functional, financial and technical. All these types of information are needed to keep the application running. This information can be collected by functional administrators and is very easy. Therefore, we advise every company to collect the following information:

  • All applications and their functions;
  • All different information flows and how they depend on other applications;
  • All financial information such as support, licenses costs;
  • All the general information your company has about the technology they use, the supplier they use;
  • All general information about marketability

When this is done, these can be supplemented with the technical quality, the functional quality and the satisfaction of the users regarding the performance and quality of the application.

Other factors.

Because communication is one of the most issues on the working floor, BlueDolphin tries to solve this. Miscommunication can lead to misinterpretations and can lead to high costs because of conflict. Sharing knowledge is very important and besides a working architecture, culture could also influence this. If a culture is good in the company is very important. This can lead to sharing information and knowledge. A closed culture will influence the whole culture. This is a small aspect but it still very important. To conclude, corporate culture is important for sharing information and communication for your team and business.

As mentioned before, the right business system is key and a solid platform needs to be implemented in your company.