The amount of point-of-sale systems available on the market today makes it difficult to choose the right one for your business. Aside from having to look for all the features you require, you must also consider the costs of the POS hardware, software, and payment processing. In addition, some companies might require a lock-up period. To assist you in filtering and narrowing your choices, we looked into over 100 POS systems to identify the top 10 best POS cash registers, which are affordable and cloud-based. Check out our recommendations to get the best POS cash register for your needs.

What is a POS Cash Register?

A point-of-sale (POS) system, also sometimes called an electronic modern cash register, is becoming one of the necessary tools for businesses in many industries to be efficient. Most restaurant and retail businesses use the POS cash register for easier operation and financial reporting. Modern cash registers have advanced features, including financial reporting. POS cash registers are accessible in different levels of complexity to meet various needs of businesses.

First, before choosing the most ideal POS cash register, it might be best if we look at the difference of a traditional cash register and a Point of sale system so we know the value it is giving to your business.

  • A traditional cash register has been used by businesses that sold goods to customers. Restaurant and retail cash registers enable businesses to store cash in a drawer, store receipts, ring up sales, and calculate tax. This is the basic cash register. Additional features, such as card readers and barcode scanners, are available at an extra cost.

    The cost of these traditional cash registers starts at around $100.

  • A POS cash register, on the other hand, offers all the functionality that traditional cash register has, but with added advanced features for more efficient business management. There are two kinds of POS cash register systems—the traditional POS and more advanced mobile point of sale (mPOS).

The retail and restaurant industry has been using traditional POS systems for many years already. These systems usually run on a server within the premises to store data. Traditional POS systems likewise include hardware such as a desktop computer and a touchscreen device. In addition, you can add more hardware like card readers.

A traditional Point of sale system can cost $1,500 minimum for every terminal.

mPOS systems, on the other hand, run on Android or iOS instead of a PC. Most mPOS systems are cloud-based, which means restaurant and retail owners don’t need to store servers at their premises. You can use and access your data on the mPOS system anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection, although some mPOS systems also enable you to work offline in case you do not have WiFi.

The price of mPOS systems usually involves a monthly subscription fee (due to the software-as-a-service model), on top of the hardware that you need to purchase at the beginning, such as cash drawers and barcode scanners.

Top 10 POS Systems of 2020 

Square POS

Square POS is the best all-around retail POS system, with pricing and features that are hard to beat. Also, the intuitive software enables simple and effective transactions. The hardware suite that comes with it is also very affordable. Square POS is popular for its free iPad POS system, which tracks customer purchases, manages sales and inventory, and email receipts. Square also boasts of amazing customer service with their 24/7 email support and 12/7 phone support that comes with all paid-for retail POS plans.

Square register hardware bundle is available at eMerchant Authority and is now on sale.

Lightspeed POS

The inventory management options provided by Lightspeed POS are currently unmatched by its competitors. It enables businesses to import items or order from pre-loaded catalogs, and sort products or items by kind. Besides, users can also include more granular details, such as style, color, and size.

Lightspeed runs on both desktops and iPads, with hardware packages that include receipt printers, scanners, cash drawers, and iPad stands.

Shopify POS

Although Shopify is usually seen as an eCommerce company, it also provides a Retail POS System with excellent eCommerce features. Aside from having their own branded online store, Shopify POS users will also be able to sell through a variety of online sales channels such as Amazon, Instagram, and eBay.

Vend POS

Vend POS can be integrated with a wide range of third-party applications, providing users with a bunch of possible features. For instance, users can include third-party payment processing through Shopify POS, Square POS, or Paypal. With Vend, you can easily sell across digital, physical, and mobile channels.

Shopkeep POS

If you are looking for the best Retail POS mobile app on the market, Shopkeep POS will not get you disappointed. With the iPad app, you can track and manage sales and inventory. Managers can also view daily reports from anywhere. Moreover, Shopkeep allows you to issue gift cards and special discounts for your customers.

Erply POS

If you are a small franchise, this one is for you since Erply POS provides dedicated tools for franchise-model businesses. With its retail franchise plan, you can set permissions that identify what level of access your managers will have within each franchised business. You can also choose how to centralize your CRM tools, inventory, and other sensitive information.

SalesVu POS

SalesVu POS has a distinct approach, unlike most POS providers. It provides a range of free apps that you can control through one central dashboard while having to pay $75 monthly per store to have access to the dashboard. SalesVu has apps controlling transactions, CRM functions, inventory and employee management, and more.

Revel POS 

Revel POS specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. For instance, you can track returning customers, as well as their favorite products. In addition, Revel POS provides inventory, sales, and employee management suite.

Clover POS (price varies)

Clover POS is an excellent choice for businesses that like to begin taking online orders but already have an existing website. With Clever POS, you can quickly add online ordering to your website, along with an intuitive dashboard and mobile app.

Epos Now POS 

If you want to get started immediately, Epos Now is an excellent POS system for you since it functions with any regular barcode or receipt printer. Also, it has a simple software that everyone can easily understand. Epos Now boasts that it “can be fully operational in just 15 minutes.”

End Words:

That’s it for our top 10 POS systems! Keep in mind that to run a modern Retail POS System, you’ll need hardware accessories. eMerchant Authority offers great options and best prices.