The business landscape is ready to grow in multiple areas due to various factors like a strong development community, international trade, and government stimulus. The young generation is also driving to innovation and looking for growth. There are multiple sectors where one can try according to the investment. And today, we are with some of the best small business ideas that can help you to decide new business in 2020. Who knows the idea is on the list, which makes you a successful business person?

Future Business Ideas for 2020

Before we start, fit these words in your mind. Business needs time and constant effort. If you are ready for doing hard work, then go ahead with the business filed. It takes a day, month to a year to set up a good business and design a path for the future. Be patient and do your best work, one-day hard work pays off for sure. Here below are the best choice for you to start a new small business in the upcoming new year.

1. Solar Energy

The first best choice is Solar energy is a powerful source of electricity generation. nowadays electricity is required everywhere from home to industry. In the solar energy business, you need a solar grid at your home or office. From this grid, you can generate energy and sell it to solar power plants or solar projects run by the government. The government offers a great subsidy for solar energy generation if you are looking to set up your firm or energy power plant. You need solar panel grids, solar inverter, wires, battery, and human power for installation, management, and maintenance.

2. Electric Vehicle Charging Station

People are finding good alternatives for fuel like petrol & Diesel, and nowadays auto industries came up with electric vehicles also. Electric vehicle needs to be charged after crossing some distance. For those who own such cars, you can offer then electric vehicle charging point. Any home, business, or hotel can install it. Any of the people who are at the distance of 40-70 km around cities can setup a normal EV charging point and earn a good amount of money.

3. CCTV Camera Installation Agency

People become security conscious. Whether it is home, housing society, mall, Supermarket, Shop, ATM or office, everyone likes it to be safe again theft or other crime or to be secure for such things. The newly built building, offices, school. Colleges, cafes, hotels, and others are installing CCTV surveillance cameras for safety. You can invest your money as a CCTV camera installation  Agency as it has low investment and high returns. Yes, you need little knowledge and workforce who work on your behalf. by this business, you can also get the annual maintenance contract from such places so it will also help you to get such regular income to maintain the projects.

4. Courier Service

The world is now using online shopping nowadays, most of the countries who use online shopping the most, If you want to start your small business with minimal setup, a small scale delivery, or you can say a courier service is a good option. It does not need too many resources or equipment. Even no need for such experience or education requirement is there. With this business, you have countless potential customers out there. You need a cellphone, place to put the couriers (small warehouse), vehicle, and dolly.

5. Man Power Service provider (Recruitment Agency)

Finding a good person for the company is time taking a task for any business, but what if someone does it for you? Yes, this business does the same thing. Man Power Service provider agency deals human capital, provide skilled workers to all the businesses in the need. It is a vast service and handles job placement for temporary workers. Yes, it takes time to get your name out there, but once you build the relationships with business, you can win everything.

6. Graphics Designing (Work from Home)

If you are good at developing new creative things or ideas in terms of drawing and design, then graphics designing might be your one of the business. With the help of great software like photoshop, illustrator, you can design logos, brochures, pamphlets, letterheads, catalogues, product packaging, and other things that need personalized design. You can work as a freelancer or work for company or advertisement agencies, publishers, etc. Also, you can do it part-time or full-time. What it needs is a good knowledge of design and a good hand on the software. No special degrees or education is required if you are fabulous at your work.

7. Open a Tire shop

With the growing automobile industry, the tire market is also at its peak. Do you know that based on the types of the vehicle, there are six categories for the tires? It includes light commercial vehicle tire, passenger car tire, medium and heavy commercial vehicle tire, three-wheeler tire, two-wheeler tire, and the Off the Road tire. the more vehicle is on the road that means the more tire required to the vehicle. On average 35,000 to 40,000 KM a normal tire works so in that case a normal person runs their car by minimum 1-2 lac KM. so each car needs min 3 times a tire change during a journey of Car. Do you think this is the continuous need? and it’s good for any business?

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The global tire market is expecting forecasting growth of 8.4% at a CAGR in the year 2016-2021. This data says that the demand for tires will grow in the coming years. If you have sufficient investment and good space for the storage of tires, you can start the retail or wholesale based tire business. You can see yourself in a profitable position in the coming years.

8. Event Planning

Nowadays people want to celebrate each and every occasion of their life. The celebration is a must to give a toast to life. Whether it is a birthday, farewell, baby shower, corporate event, weddings, or any achievement, people are ready to celebrate it. And in all these parties, you can play the role of an event planner. If you can organize the parties at your home or office, you can start with this work.

As an event planner, you have all the resources to manage the event within the client’s budget. For that, you need proper contact with the respective people. You can also collaborate with some hotels or party plots to host the events.

9. Content Writing service (Work from Home)

The world is on the web, so if you are good at writing, this is the best option for you. I think the investment is near to zero. The writing industry is facing a shortage of writers, and if you are good at it, try your hand for sure. I am doing it and happy with my work. The income is good enough. You can work from your home to the clients around the globe. It needs a laptop or computer with internet connectivity.

10. Travel and Tourism Agency

Travel and tourism agency means you have to offer travel-related service. In this field, you can make a good amount of money. Tie up with big bus service and offer reservations, plan tours, treks, camps, and offer a full facility with staying facility and good food. It is a lucrative career option as you can also find time to travel. But before jumping into this field, get knowledge of routes, booking, hotels, and places.

11. Online Coaching / Tuition

Now everyone can teach; it needs some skills that allow the student to understand what are you teaching. If you can do so, the doors are open. Even the parents want their children to stay in the competition and secure a good position in their academic records. For that, parents preferred coaching institutes that are best for their children. Ultimately it makes the coaching institute business a trending choice. If you love any subject, you should consider this option as your business or income resource.

In 2020, the generation is getting their coaching online from home. If you consider the online coaching option, then prepare material for various subjects and post it on social platforms like YouTube. Also, you can offer subscription-based coaching.


All these are the best business option for your business in 2020. Remember, choose what you like or what you want to explore and give the wings to your idea in the form of business, and one day you will surely succeed in it. Just wait for the right time.