Every business are struggling nowadays, you must upgrade your business online to keep it live with the rest of the world. Without making your business online a sales or business person can’t promise you that you will grow it by day. People search for everything online before purchasing any product or service. there must be a service review, pricing detail, process or review of the product and many more.

Starting a new business is not a big deal for any businessman. but keep it running with an average min 10% growth is making it harder. Let’s have a look at steps or processes to keep your business online.

Internet and the Rise of Ecommerce:

Modern World is miles apart from that of our ancestors. Human outpaced nature and its teachings to form a society that is highly interconnected regardless of which part of the globe you belong to. The Internet made it possible for smaller businesses to compete with established corporations on an equal level. Smartphones made it possible for customers to be accessible and business transactions easier and short.

Payment systems like PayPal and online banking made money transfers and transactions seamless and faster. Today on average global small businesses make trillions of dollars worth of transaction within an hour. This circulation of wealth has increased the buying power of the world’s middle class thus pushing purchase power parity (PPP) above the benchmark.

Today doing business has become nearly virtually possible for anyone in a literal way. The Internet has changed human society in a manner where everything has gone online. You can today start a billion-dollar business much more than easier than you can complete your degree from an Ivy League University.

Go Business Digital with Ecommerce:

Amazon was one of the first major online eCommerce business that started way back in 1994, Jeff Bezos had a crazy idea and he had the daring to do it. Today he stands as the richest man in the World with Trillion-Dollar Company. Only the Top three companies combined have more money than the strongest Economies in the World. Today corporates dictate the national policy of countries. Businessmen have grown from the likes of mere merchants of the past to tycoons of today.

Ecommerce has literally changed the entire game with many moms and students trying their luck. Modern Businesses are more focused around a structured plan of innovative ideas that will decide how human society will achieve its next evolution with even intergalactic colonies being part of it.

As society continues to evolve more and more problems surface with the increase of technology and global communication has made it possible for human societies to struggle for equilibrium even more tough as more and more people test their luck in the world of business. Many good ideas die out because of the fear of having zero investment.

Make Friends & Family your First Customers:

Your friends and family are the first people that trust you. Try pitching your products or services to them. Since gaining the trust and support of your customers is really important, who better to trust that family and friends. Most business ideas emerge from observing our environment and the people near us.

The services business is especially true when it comes to zero investment business model since you are cashing in on your skills rather than selling some product that you need to manufacture or invest in.

Go online It’s Free:

Most Ideas suffer because they are rushed in. An important thing before going full in is to create a digital existence about your business and try to fish out feedback from potential customers. Creating a social media account like Facebook page or Instagram account costs nothing, you can easily create your eCommerce store free on platforms like WordPress or Wix, as for design issues you can easily use Canva and other such platforms to use free design software with already preset themes and templates for creating graphic design materials.

WhatsApp for business is the best solution for small businesses and Startups to manage their customers, even manage the overall progress of potential, existing, and even under process clients.

Internet and Social Media have made cashing in on your idea easy as pie, all you need to do is have proper knowledge on how you can use these platforms which are provided by them in form of certifications. So if it was when Bezos or Bill Gates Started Zero Investment was a moon shot not like today when you can easily start your journey free of cost because of such amazing platforms and the internet.