This 21st century has witnessed many a social change and technological developments. Times have changed. Life is no more the same as it used to be once. Today we are sitting on a roller-coaster ride. The demanding work situations have turned us into a mechanical being that is capable of multi-tasking.

Everything is super-fast today in this age as we want super-fast results. To utilize the time accurately, we plan our day accordingly from beforehand to make the most of it. We set short and long term goals for ourselves and take pride in achieving them.  We have got busy like never before. Often we are advised by others and even compelled by situations to be productive, efficient, work smartly and multi-task.

We get carried away by the charm of material possession, opinions and influences of others and these fake things, unfortunately, start dominating our lives without our knowledge!

We get distracted and deviate from the path of living in the present moment. Either we are governed by the past or start worrying about the future.

But that may not be a very good idea, providing the toll it takes on our lives!

Let come to self-development; it can be defined as a lifelong process. It improves awareness and identity about oneself. It develops talents and potential of an individual and helps to become an entrepreneur. It helps to enhance the very quality of life thus contributing to the realization of dreams and aspirations. It aids to set personal goals and help in realizing and maximizing the real potential of an individual.

Now, many of us nowadays think that being busy is a very good thing, as it keeps you active and in the working mode all the time. Our lifestyle has been such that it has in a way programmed our mind subconsciously to back this very thought process as well.

But before you go any further regarding this, just stop by and THINK of the things you have lost in the way while being busy and the effect it has had on your self-development!

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Let us discuss how being a busy-bee can be destructive to your self-development:

  • Destroyer of creative flair- Time is a crucial element if you want your creative juices to flow the way you want it to be. Creativity demands to be original, imaginative, artistic and innovative. To be able to think and deliver, time plays a significant role. Being in haste does not serve the purpose and ultimately the work is not produced as it should have been.
  • Priorities get confused- Often we lose focus on the things that need priority in life. Spending the maximum time with your kid during his childhood or working hard to meet deadlines, which one is more important to you has to be decided by yourself. Money is undoubtedly essential in life, but some things cannot be fulfilled with only money!
  • Lack of time to record growth- While you are always in a hurry, you don’t have much time to keep track of your personal growth. You may have turned into a multi-tasker, but overall your skills may not add up to define your growth. You may have become an impatient, anxious and restless person who is unable to calm his mind when required.
  • True potential is not realized- When in a rush, you inevitably miss out on your real possibility to get recognized. Often you under-perform because that might not be your ultimate calling. Moreover, you get stuck in the situation so badly that you don’t or in fact are not able to take time out of your schedule to think about what you are capable of doing!
  • A detrimental effect on health- Being utterly busy leads to stress, pressure, and worry. It builds up internal pressure. Personally set deadlines and high expectations from yourself negatively affect the development of the self. Weight is not suitable for either the mind or body. It adversely affects your health and life in the long run.

Try out these solutions to lead a peaceful life without being in any kind of haste:

  1. Practice calmness: Get into the habit of practicing calmness through meditation. This would help you have patience and unclutter your mind.
  2. Be in the present: Stop worrying about past or future. Be in the present as it is the gift today that you can cherish. Ensure you take some time out of your busy schedule to enjoy the present.
  3. Accept things: Accepting things as the way they are, as it is crucial to value what you have today. Also it helps you to attract more positivity.
  4. Show gratitude: Thank God for whatever He has given you, for what you have might be lacking for someone else!

Of course, remaining engaged in some activity and doing your work properly is surely important, but not so much so that it would start affecting you negatively. Don’t allow these things to dominate and balance your life and work properly.

It is perfectly okay to take a break and track your progress.

Don’t stop living a blissful life to the fullest!