The COVID 19 pandemic has given us an opportunity to stay at home and work. Though it sounds fantasizing theoretically, it is a challenging task. Somewhere, in the long run, our productivity is reduced.

The main reason behind this can be:

  • Psychologically, we all have a feeling that a house is a place for relaxation and comfort space. So setting up our minds to work seriously in this environment is hard.
  • We are overloaded with distractions at our home. Right from the TV in our hall to the dog near the sofa, anything can distract us.
  • At work from home, you don’t have any peer pressures and your boss at your workspace. Honestly, this can also affect your productiveness.
  • During this work from home tenure, we don’t meet up with our colleagues. This can impact our efficiency.
  • During this work from home time, reduced commute period to office, social gatherings can make you feel lazy and might reduce your concentration power and focus.

Now we know the key factors that reduce our productivity at home. So, the below guidelines can be followed to break the distractions and become more accountable, collaborative, and productive as you are working from home.

Wake up early

In work from home, you need not get ready, pick your vehicle, and travel to your office amidst the traffic. So, don’t be lazy and wake up late. Make it a practice to wake up early, even if you are going to work at your home. Begin your day with a good set of exercises, a warm cup of coffee, or by reading a newspaper.

Plan your day

Every morning, make it a practice to check your emails and meetings for the day. Prepare your schedule for the day accordingly. Prioritize things, fix deadlines, and then work. As your daily commute time is saved, use it for your hobbies, try out something new that keeps your mind refreshing like painting, gardening, cooking, writing, reading a novel, etc. Make sure you keep yourself occupied throughout the day.

Partition your work time

The best thing about work from home is that you need not work from 9 to 5. You can partition your work time according to your interests and availability. You can complete the most difficult work on the time slot at which you are more efficient. So prepare a proper workflow for the day as per your efficiency and complete your work on time.

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Groom yourself

Even if you don’t have a video conference meeting with your team, groom yourself before you start your work, grooming includes taking a nice shower, wearing a neat casual outfit, and getting ready for your day. This will trigger your mind that it is your work time and will help you to start your work with positive vibes. This also increases your confidence level and keeps you motivated to work.

Create your workstation at your home

It might be cosy to work on your couch or bed, but it badly affects your productivity as we might be more tempted to relax than work. So set up a good workstation at your home, Make sure the place is well lit, clean and organized. Have your schedule, some good motivational quotes, neat artworks, or a couple of small indoor plants at your work table to motivate you to get back to work.

Take small breaks

Set break alarms when you work. Fix goals that you have to complete before the alarm. This helps you to keep yourself motivated. Don’t sit in the same place for more than an hour. Take breaks, do small stretch exercises, spend time with your family, have a small chat, set a timer to make sure you come back to work.

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Don’t get distracted at the work station

Smartphones and tablets can also be productivity reducers if you are someone who routinely reaches the phone during the day. Using them to watch your favourite series, shows, posts, etc., can eat up your work time.

Make sure you don’t use it for your leisure during worktime. Amidst your work when you feel lost or out of the track, meditate for a couple of minutes, this improves your concentration and focus. Try working alone in your work station. Don’t allow anyone there during your work time, as you might get distracted.

Stay in touch

Make sure you speak to your colleagues and boss at least once in a day. Submit your daily reports and stay updated. Spend some time in video conferencing with your colleagues to bring in good collaboration and stay in the loop. This makes you feel more responsible and gives an in-office kind of atmosphere. Moreover, there is work from home jobs for teens and college students which is giving exposure and benefitting the families financially.

Finally, work from home is a new experience for most employers and employees. To make it great, plan your day, make it organized, give time for your family, your friends, and, most importantly yourself. Start all your days with enthusiasm and positive vibes. Keep yourself mentally and physically fit. This will definitely help you to achieve your goals.