Recent studies have shown that almost half of the jobseekers make this foolish mistake – they don`t want to write an entry-level cover letter.

You have no idea what value it has to you and your future career if you still think that this letter is unnecessary.

A well-written cover letter will help you:

  • Separate yourself from your competitors
  • Show that you are serious about this particular job opportunity
  • Showcase your unique achievements and talents
  • Highlight your strengths
  • Tell the employer who you are and prove that you are the right person for their organization

How to Strengthen Your Candidacy Using a Cover Letter

To land a well-paid job that would satisfy you might seem to be a challenging task. An entry-level cover letter is something that can make a difference and get your application noticed. But if want to impress your potential employer with a cover letter, you should, first of all, learn how to write it correctly that can take some time.

  1. Format your cover letter in a proper way

Your cover letter should consist of such critical sections:

  • Address and greetingsit is better to address the message to a named person
  • The first paragraphwrite an opening statement that would grab your employer`s attention, explain which job you are applying for, and introduce yourself clearly
  • Middle sectioninclude evidence that proves that you meet the top criteria for this role and describe your achievements
  • The final partexplain why the entry-level position is so perfect for you
  • Concluding paragraphsummarize what exactly makes you the ideal candidate for the job and show that you are interested in the interview
  1. Tailor your cover letter effectively

Do your research to find out what the recruiters are looking for. You can either use your networks to learn information or contact the recruiting manager, who would be willing to answer all the questions about the job from the potential employee. Pick out only the top criteria and focus your attention on them to convince your employer that you have the right skills, experience, and credentials for the most critical areas. Don`t forget to include your skills that might also be relevant for the job.

  1. Market yourself as a true professional

Be aware of your weaknesses and strengths. Present you positive features honestly in a way that would interest your potential employer. Analyze your “Why Hire Me” points and think of what exactly can differentiate you from the competition. Prove that you are a trustworthy and capable person, who can resolve the company`s issues. Do show some passion for your work.

  1. Use these useful tips to write a successful cover letter

  • Be succinct
  • Describe your achievements with specific examples
  • Explain your career motivation
  • Demonstrate how well you have researched the job context
  • Do not give a potted history of your career
  • Do not try to summarize your CV
  • End on a note of anticipation and enthusiasm
  • Never send the same cover letter to more than one employer
  • Don`t use jargon specific to your employer which he or she might not understand
  • Keep your cover letter to one page
  • Don`t focus on what the employer can do for you
  • Put your most crucial evidence in the first half of the message
  1. Edit and proofread your entry-level cover letter

Only after you have corrected and edited your cover letter and make it error-free, you can send it to the hiring manager. You are just not allowed to neglect these crucial stages of the writing process. So, take time to revise your cover letter.

Here is how to do it:

  • Look over the message on a sentence-by-sentence level to see if your punctuation, spelling, and grammar is correct
  • Get feedback from other people
  • Don`t rely solely on the spell-check and grammar-check tools
  • Make sure that there is no ambiguity or lack of clarity in what you have written
  • Check for any gaps in logic
  • Look out for typos, clumsy sentences, and unnecessary words

But if you need more help while writing your entry-level cover letter to make your potential employer notice you, you can always contact the professional writing service such as They offer high-quality editing and proofreading services, so you can have your cover letter checked by a real pro.

Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. You will be able to make all your dreams come true only if you dare to pursue them. So, if you are applying for your dream job, you should do your best and show that you are a solid candidate. An entry-level cover letter is the first thing that will help you do that.