You may have heard of Google’s RankBrain. Let me brief about it. RankBrain is a new artificial intelligence and machine learning powered algorithm developed by Google. The algorithm helps Google to process search results and provide more appropriate results for users. As an impact of RankBrain, some of the old rules of SEO may no longer apply. So in this article, I will tell you what you should do in order to be a top of the juggernaut SEO world. First, let me tell you what is artificial intelligence in brief.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a technology that adds artificial intelligence to machines or applications, so they can work on their own like a human but in extremely quick and intelligent manner and automate tasks without being helped by anybody.

With deep learning and natural language processing power capabilities, search engines are becoming increasingly smarter and more human-friendly.

There are 3 types of artificial intelligence, namely:

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): This is deployed for one particular thing or task.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): This is like a human, which can do anything.

Artificial Superintelligence (ASI): This AI would have much higher power than a single human.

If we talk about Google’s RankBrain, it comes under ANI. ANI has been prevalent for a while. Have you ever wondered how those spam filters work in your email? Yes, that’s ANI. Google Translate, IBM’s Watson, and product recommendations on Amazon and all these are powered by ANI. And even self-driving cars.

ANI comes with many different approaches and that are:

  • Symbolists
  • Connectionists
  • Evolutionaries
  • Bayesian
  • Analogies

Google’s RankBraincomes under Connectionists.Connectionists is capable of learning anything from raw data and capable of automating all knowledge discovery

AI’s Impact on SEO

AI can impact ranking factors precisely based on users, their searching habits and preferences.

4 ways AI affect SEO

Increasing importance of visual content

According to Sam Mallikarjunan, the Head of Growth of HubSpot Labs, AI improvements can give improvements for visual content like videos, audio clips, or images, with image processing power and other required capabilities, rather than preferring a plane content that is not structured anyway.

Video creators may have to learn optimizing keyword targeting, descriptions, tags, video length, and more.

More importance for content quality, relevance, and focus

Now we are again talking about RankBrain. RankBrain is being used to understand the context of content on websites.So keyword density may no longer work. So you have to focus more on content relevance, context, and value it creates as those are becoming more important ranking factors according to rank brain’s methodology.

Backlink relevancy

I know how tough it is to find the same category sites and getting backlinks. It is difficult to find even 10 sites in a day. Google has been telling that “we entertain sites that have relevant backlinks”, but still some SEO’s are deceiving Google in this area and able to rank well. But with Google adopting AI into its search algorithm, the things may become tough for such SEOs. So they’ve to be more selective while building links.

Increasing importance for mobile friendliness

In fact, this is not new. It has been in serious practice in the last 3 to 4 years. According to Google, 40% of searches are now mobile. As a marketer, you should be serious enough for mobile optimization.

Apart from a mobile website that you can target for mobile search results, having a mobile app is an added advantage. So your both website and app can appear among the first few results, so you can easily stand out from your competitors, by getting an increased visibility and traffic. To develop good apps at an affordable cost, most US and UK based companies are preferring mobile apps development companies India. And they are able to see good results as well.

Voice search

If you have ever had some time with Siri, Google Assistant or Cortana, or all, you would know how voice searches work. Voice searches happen somewhat different from text searches.

For example, if you need the detail of the best mobile apps development company in India or any service providers, you are more likely to input best mobile apps development company India, but voice searches go lengthier or include completely different keywords. For example, you may ask Siri “Which is the best company to develop a mobile app in India?”. So SEOs require having a more specific strategy for voice searches as well.


AI is making not just these impacts, in fact, smart algorithms can easily detect blackhat techniques. So SEOs who are following black hat techniques might need to be ethical as soon as possible. Changes are really going on, just we have to adapt to that.