Social media marketing is radically changing the world of digital marketing. Social media marketing enter the picture, when it comes to effectively and conveniently manage social media campaigns. These tools are popularizing day by day. It facilitates users to easily monitor, analyze and create content over social media. Smart tech-savvies have already abandoned old bulky dashboards and manual social media account management.

In this article, we are sharing the best social media marketing tools for your business. For convenient and effective audiences targeting, it is now time for you to shift on these tools.


Buffer Social Media



Buffer offers a neat interface and simple analytics features. I believe with these fantastic features, it has now outclassed Hootsuite. It enables you to share contents from a single dashboard throughout multiple accounts.

It has a chrome extension that let you straightforwardly share contents across various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Google Plus concurrently. It also has a highly informative blog, where you will find some rare case studies and social media guides. It is simply an amazing place for learning.

Social Clout

Social Clout


A social Clout social media marketing tool is particularly designed for calculating social media ROI and tracking engagement. It brings you some useful information. Some of them are Social media platforms that have best conversions and best demographics that have maximum engagement.

It enables users to look on past vanity metrics. With this information, users can concentrate on only important metrics.


feedly Social Media

Users can get automatic content ideas on Feedly. All they have to do is add the RSS feeds of the relevant blogs and best writers and this tool will update you with all the contents systematically. Additionally, it is also an effective way to be updated with niches influencers are sharing and with the latest craze in industry. Alike some of the major players like Hootsuite and Buffer, this tool also offers the option to schedule your posts.


Canva Social media

If you don’t have designing skills, then you have to hire a Graphic Designer for posting even minor image contents. This tool is especially for people who don’t have any designing skills. With this revolutionary tool, one can create splendid images for posting on social media without any veteran designing skills. For stunning images, all you need is Canva’s multiple templates, fonts, and colours and a little drag & drop. Moreover, it is completely free to use.



This B2B demands generation tool socedo save your time as well as efforts by performing most of the grunt jobs. It can automatically generate leads and locate aimed leads on various social media platforms. It works by using keywords and demographic norms. Moreover, few tools in the market including it can manage outbound prospecting.

This was all in the best social media marketing tools for your business. I believe you should give them a try this year. These all social media marketing tools are capable of dramatically enhancing your social media marketing.