Establishing oneself in abroad is one of the biggest moves in someone’s life whether it is for professional progress, moving towards to an independent and liberal society or a better lifestyle. The temptation and desire of foreign countries have always been the debatable issue amongst the Indians. Some perceive it as an opportunity for development whereas some see it as a threat against the national root and culture. Whatever the perception is, but settling outside the country has gradually become a trend which is the result of various reasons.

Settling abroad is not a new cultural phenomenon as India has the record of laureates and legends who studied and contributed towards some important Indian movement such as Chicago conference of Swami Vivekananda, the movement led by Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa or Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen and the list goes on & on. As mentioned that our history and mostly the present has imbibed a lot from the western culture. Indians conclude foreign countries as a superior and progressive culture as compares to India. Partly this perception is justified while partly it is wrong.

Two main reasons for looking up towards the abroad is better opportunities and easy approval in Indian society. Foreign countries especially USA, UK, and other European countries are always paying higher than their Indian contemporaries.

People in lower ranks are also treated and paid decently as a contrast to India. Who wouldn’t want to be part of such elitist brigade where respect and pay are given willingly? People who come after working and studying from abroad always have an edge over their fellow Indians due to their accomplishments and experiences. The reason they stay ahead because foreign countries focus more on the passion and practical knowledge whereas Indian system focus more on the safety and security that hampers the space of experimentation and innovation.

Though living abroad doesn’t synonyms with the superior and stress-free lifestyle but sure guarantees a great financial and career mileage.