Most of us might believe that pornographic is something that serves as a portal of voyeuristic pleasure for boys alone and therefore may have terrible implications on their mental and physical health and  well-being, let’s just say that we are in a for a rude awakening.

While it may be the males of the society that dominantly surf the pornographic websites, yet it is women who suffer the most aggravating consequences of their carnal pleasures. This may not be prevalent in the older members of the society who have gone past the experimental phase of the life but the younger one in the teens and the young adults are more often than not suffering from the grievous consequences of such actions.

Research has shown that today teenager boys between the ages of 14 through to 19 expect their girlfriends to be act more like a porn star during intimate moments. At times, the boys even expect to get porn star worthy treatment and threaten the other halves that they will no longer stay in the relationship with them if they refuse to comply with what they think is rightfully theirs.

Furthermore, it has also been shown that since parents are unaware of what transgressions their child is participating as the child more often than not refuses to confide in them even during the most distressing moment because of the lies they had told their parents earlier. Even when these girls give in to the boys demands and are injured during the process since their bodies are not made for such activities at that tender age, they find it hard to reach out to their parents for help as it will only tend to make things worst in their eyes.

What is even more horrifying to learn is the fact that girls as young as 13 are giving in to such trends along with starving themselves so they can perceived as worthy in the eyes of the guys they want to impress. Additionally, the Journal of Adolescent Health also reported that for these reasons and more the young boys today are mentally far more stable compared to the girls of the same age group.

How Can Parents Help?

Parents tend to have great influence in their child’s life. It is the way the children are treated at home by their parents and other family members that defines the adults they are going to grow up into being and the impacts they may have on the world around them. Therefore, they are the only ones that can help their children become the best versions of themselves they can possibly be, not physically alone but mentally as well.

It is parents that have to tell the boys that even if they watch porn, they should not expect the girl they are dating or in a relationship with to behave or do things that the pornstar they are so entranced by is doing. Neither should they force them to consent to any sexual activities against their will. Furthermore they should also build a certain level of trust between themselves and their children so that they feel comfortable in their skin and secure enough in their relationship that they are able to share anything at all with them. They should also know when to scold and when to listen their child out when he or she asks for assistance in any form.

Additionally, since you cannot keep an eye on your child around the clock you should consider investing in parental monitoring applications to keep an eye on their online activity as well as browsing history. From what they are doing online to the kind the people they talk to and they websites they visit when they are surfing the cyberspace should all be kept a close watch on. You should also monitor their text messages along with the call logs to know what kind of interaction they have with the people they surround themselves with and look for ones that may have a terrible influence on them.

This way you might be able to keep your children out of the harm’s way and find out of they are wearing off the tracks before it is too late and a traumatic event has taken a mental and physical toll on their well being