Whether it is dancing, walking, sports, or exercise, our feet are designed to do those activities. We don’t give heed to our feet unless and until it starts aching. Once it starts hurting we want to get rid of that pain. The right treatment is done on basis of the area where the pain is.

Here, the 8 reasons for the suffering and its treatment.

  1.    FLAT FEET

Causes: It is a condition in which foot arch is lower. Flat feet are usually seen in toddlers because of their tissue, but this change as they grow up. If the tendons don’t tighten and form an arch, it can result in flat feet.

Fix: Visit a podiatrist who may suggest you wear orthotics, which are inserted into shoes to support your feet. Sometimes physiotherapy and stretching exercises do help.

  1.    BUNIONS

Causes: Wearing too tight or small shoes for a long period of time, results in bunions – enlargement of bone at the base of big toe. It can also be due to poorly inherited foot structure.

Fix: Depend on your situation it can be surgical or non-surgical. In non-surgical, doctors recommend wearing padded soles shoes, which evenly distribute pressure on feet. You can apply ice to relieve pain.


Causes: If you stand for too long time or you are overweight or gain weight suddenly, chances that you may develop plantar fasciitis. This is caused due to pressure on your plantar fascia ligaments.

Fix: The best cure is to do stretching exercise. Lose weight. Wear arch support shoes. It can also be treated with medicines and injections.   


Causes: Coeliac disease is caused due to weak immune system. It is triggered either by food containing gluten such as bread, pasta, cereals, and biscuits or by environmental factors.

Fix: Avoid foods that contain gluten. Avoid staying on your feet for long period. To overcome pain, wear loose shoes and soak your feet for few minutes in chill water every day.


Causes: It is caused due to increase stress on the ball of the foot. It is most commonly found in physically active people who do running, jumping kind of activities. In some cases, it can be due to bad-fitting shoes, overweight, or other medical condition.

Fix: It is recommended to wear proper footwear with shock-absorbing insoles, or arch supporting shoes. Avoid high impact activities.


Causes: Too much uric acid in the blood causes gout. Most common symptoms are swelling, tenderness, redness, and pain in big toe.

Fix: Maintain a proper diet. Avoid meat, paneer, and beans. Consult a doctor for medical treatments.


Causes: Experiencing very low temperature for a long time, smoking, having diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis, and lupus, or being in stressful condition.

Fix: Dress according to the temperature you are going to experience. Avoid smoking. Do exercise and meditation to de-stress. Add some physical activity in your schedule for better blood circulation.


Causes: Blood vessels and nerve damage. Being exposed to high blood pressure for a long time can damage nerve fibres which result in diabetic neuropathy.

Fix: Keeping blood pressure and diabetes under control. Eat healthily. Quit Smoking. Acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, and daily exercise to strength ankle and foot will help.  

Get the right treatment for any of your foot related problem with help with Podiatry to your nearest area, who is a great podiatrist at your local city or State.