As Singer Beyoncé so rightfully says, “Who runs the world?, Girls!, Girls!”. They are the ones who can continuously process the human life cycle. Women continuously go through several body changes in the entire lifespan and the same happens with their feet. It’d important to take proper foot care.

Here are some quick foot care guides for all Wonder women out there:

Wearing the right and correct pair of shoes-

Selecting the perfect shoes for your feet is little difficult due to the wide range of quality brands and shoes available in the market.

  • Try to pick up the shoes that give your feet complete relaxation.
  • Despite having a great fashion sense, try to get shoes that are covered from front to back to protect you from injuries,
  • In addition to that, you must actually like them to wear. They should make you feel like Julia Robert’s in Pretty Woman. Try to balance comfort with style.

Avoid wearing high-heels-easier said than done,

This is an unspoken truth, looking good sometimes hurts. This is certainly true when dealing gorgeous high heels

  • These uncomfortable shoe style can cause problems and defects in your body organs.
  • They can cause swelling and inflammation. A woman should regularly check the size of feet and wear the shoe the appropriate fit ease any discomfort, This easier said than done, Most women want to the appearance of small feet.
  • If you must wear them for work or an event, take momentary breaks.

Exercise regularly- Stay healthy, stay fit

As claimed by many health gurus, the blood in the women’s body can increase up to twenty pounds if they stand too long.

  • It is advised to keep moving and doing exercises such as yoga.
  • This is highly beneficial for good blood circulation.
  • Additionally, it’s best to avoid standing in tightly fitted shoes such as high heels for long periods of time.

Foot massage- You will love it!

A nice moisturizing foot massage is always welcome.

  • This will also maintain the hygiene of feet by moisturizing them through massage
  • This will avoid cracked and dry skin on your feet.

You can visit your local podiatrist for more in depth information.