It is usually said that “If your feet are happy, you are happy” and many of you must agree with this fact, right? Undoubtedly, we all take very good care of our feet but still, there are some factors that affect our feet and cause some kind of problems and among them, the most common are bunions.

Bunions- Important things you must know:

  • Some kind of abnormal developments around the big and small toes is termed as bunions.
  • Bunions can occur at any age where even kids are not an exception. Kids can develop such surprisingly adult-like bunions at very young age.
  • For girls, it can occur between 13-15 age and for boys, the age is 15-17.

 Bunions- the common causes:

  • Nearly one-fourth of the total population having age between 18-65 have this feet disorder
  • You must be very much clear about the fact that, bunions are not any kind of new growth of bone; instead it is to joint shifting, that causes severe pain and can be treated through surgical options.
  • Some bunions initially may be painless, but they gradually become quite uncomfortable if not treated on time.
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes can be one of the common reasons for causing a bunion. Also, around half of the cases have a direct genetic component.
  • This can occur in athletes too who sustain repeated trauma on their feet.
  • Once reaching a tipping point, these bunions can progress very fast

Bunions- the treatment and possible alternatives:

  • Bunion surgery is the most common treatment that many patients prefer.
  • At times, the surgery can be daunting, because-
    • The results are not guaranteed
    • It costs huge amount
    • Recovery is quite slow and sometimes painful too
  • If you don’t want to opt for surgery, you can use insole orthotics that slows down bunion progression.
  • The insole orthotics help by addressing underlying biomechanical stressors along with dissimilating some pressures from the joint.
  • To get relieved instantly from chronic inflammation, a cortisone injection can be applied immediately at the toe joint.
  • Besides these, you can use special pads and night splints that help to keep foot better aligned.


Bunions- early surgery and its benefits:

There are ample of reasons for choosing bunion surgery as the treatment option even if it involves pain. Usually, people want to end the pain in one go so that they can have an easier time to do other stuff and wear their favorite pair of shoes having a proper fitting. Also, it helps in restoring the confidence by correcting the abnormal look of a bunion. Some of the common surgical approaches to fix a bunion are-

  • Removing that extra portion of bone
  • Cutting bone and realigning to the joint
  • Cutting & realigning soft tissues around the joint
  • Fusing big toe joint or metatarsal joint to the bigfoot
  • Reshaping or removing bone in the joint

Summing up it all, bunions are a kind of common disorder of your foot that needs immediate attention for its treatment. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments available to exclude that extra part around your toe joint.