Car insurance is vital for both drivers and Car owners across the nation. The insurance rates may vary from one package to the next one, so you can pick the right carefully. There are lots of car insurance providers available in Canada; everyone utilizing its knowledge to convince clients that their services are ideal.

Here, it would help you to learn how to ensure that you get the favourable insurance rates. By reading this article make your insurance buying process hassle-free, you can look at this list of best auto insurance providers in this country.

Why you need Car Insurance in Canada?

Having auto insurance is crucial because it covers all your expenses during the damage to your vehicle or injuries to pedestrians, other drivers, or passengers in countries like Canada & the USA. In the USA, companies available like Root Car Insurance, Hippo Insurance and many more who provide an affordable rate for your auto insurance. It’s essential to buy auto insurance for your car in countries like Canada in 2020. Even here, people take insurance for all things like House Insurance, Health Insurance, Tech Gadgets Insurance and many more. All drivers must be successfully insured against liability to any other individuals. Most significantly, insurance services can also bring you financial assistance if the vehicle is vandalized, destroyed, or stolen.

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Cheap Car Insurance in Ontario, Canada

Cheap Car Insurance in Ontario, Canada



It is one of the largest insurance providers in Canada, established in 1944. It claims roughly about ninety-six percentages of satisfaction rates and is in this business for 60 years. The main benefit of selecting this company for car insurance requirements is that it provides several chances for several discounts. It includes student discounts, winter tire discounts, bundling options, and discounts for parking facilities in a private driveway or garage. It offers insurance to Canadians who are living in Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. With roughly about six thousand employees, it serves over two million customers throughout Canada. If you are using telematics, you will get a chance to receive discounts of 25%.

Contact Details:

Insurance Advice: 1-877-659-1570

Claims (24/7): 1-888-776-8343

You can also use the Desjardins website to claim insurance. Only you need to register through the platform or Login if already registered quickly. Submit the detail of the car accident & about vehicle Damage.

Roadside Assistance (24/7): 1-866-644-8878

Belairdirect Insurance

Belairdirect car Insurance canada

It is another worth considering a car insurance company serving roughly about 1 million clients for more than 60 years. This company is well-recognized for its most exceptional features, including simple-to-use and convenient tools. They allow you to manage your coverage and also track your claims. You can enjoy this facility with the help of the Belairdirect app or client center. Most fundamentally, it provides better rates and discounts for people who are interested in bundling. It can serve several provinces, including Newfoundland, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Colombia, and Alberta.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1 888 280.8549,

Claims (24/7): 1 877 228.2656

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Co-operators Insurance

Co-operator car Insurance canada

It is the most popular Canadian owned insurance provider that a team of farmers began way again in 1945. The company roots are strong, with over a million customers throughout the nation. The clients may acquire the initial savings of 5% when they sign up for the telematics program. It can go roughly about twenty-five percentages. There are approximately about 2673 insurance representatives and 4657 staff working in this company across Canada. It can serve approximately about three hundred credit ions, along with over 5.5 million members. Hence, the company has assets worth about $39.9 billion. The company offers insurance coverage for more than 770000 homes and 1.2 million vehicles.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1-800-265-2662

Get a Quote: 1‑877‑545‑2667

Email: [email protected]

Sonnet Insurance

Sonnet-car Insurance Canada

Are you seeking for a highly personalized car insurance option? Sonnet is the right choice to consider. As the online insurance service provider, it reduces the operating costs and let their clients provide minimal rates to their customers. The good thing about this company is that it has three pre-set packages that are available at varying price levels. Most significantly, it provides the choice for customers to customize their box as per their requirements. It is suitable for Canadians who are living in Quebec, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, and New Brunswick.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Enquiries: 1-844-SONNET4

Report a Claims (24/7): 1-844-SONNET4.

Economical Insurance Group

Economical Car Insurance Group canada

If you want to save more on your auto insurance, you can choose the Economical Insurance Group. It has started its operations in the year 1871. It has a claims fulfilment survey score of about 93%. Most significantly, the company has a team of six hundred claims representatives. They are friendly to support clients in claims without any time limitation. Apart from that, they also offer coverage to different types of vehicles.

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There is an excellent opportunity available for clients to customize their coverage plans according to their needs. The affordability of these plans makes them ideal for everyone. The company also offers discounts facilities to increase your savings.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1-800-265-2180 or 519-570-8200

Claim (24*7): 1-800-607-2424.

Email: [email protected]

Cowan Insurance Group

Cowan Car Insurance Group canada

Cowan Insurance Group was established in 1927. It also deals in standard and high-risk business and personal lines. It is operating in ten areas across Ontario. The overall relationship between the company and broker partners is powerful. It let these parties act in the best interests of their clients. As the Managing General Agent and broker, it has better experience in these two sides of the insurance table.

The decades of professional expertise let Cowan develop the best possible car insurance solutions that will perfectly suit all your preferences. It provides complete coverage options for your vans, cars, antique and classic vehicles, snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1-866-912-6926

Email: [email protected]

RBC Insurance

RBC Car Insurance canada

Do you want to get affordable coverage facility for your car? RBC Insurance is a perfect pick for your insurance needs. It provides an extensive range of wealth, travel, auto, home, health, life and reinsurance solutions, and advice as well as business and creditor insurance services to the group, individual, and business clients. This insurance company is well-known for its user-friendly website and 24/7 claim support. As one of the biggest bank-owned insurance companies in Canada, it has roughly about 2,500 staff who effectively serve over 4 million clients across the globe.

The clients may receive discounts while they bundle the policies about 12 percentages and save roughly about five percentages for the online quote. When it comes to multi-car discounts, they are approximately about 15%. If you want to save more, you can install the anti-theft device.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1-800-769-2568

RSA Canada Group

RSA Canada Group Car Insurance canada

If you are looking for leading auto insurance providers, the RSA Canada Group is the right choice for your needs. It is because this company is in this business for roughly about 300 years. Now, it offers insurance services for over 140 nations. It has an enormous workforce of 4000 employees that helps the company to serve over seventeen million customers across the world. It is good news for car owners is that this company provides claims protection and lifetime repair guarantee.

Contact Details:

General Insurance Inquiries: 1 888 877 1710

Claim (24*7): 1-800-319-9993

End Words:

Above is the list of the best car insurance companies in Canada, share content with your friends and family so they can get more help in terms of choosing the best insurance company.