In this new era of technology, everything is changing day by day, we have a new kind of auto insurance company that can be cheaper for your car. The firm named Root Insurance is a new kind of insurance service provider for your Car or 4 wheeler vehicle.

Now a day’s it’s not easy to get your car insurance, you have to bring your car to the insurance desk available to your nearest location to get a picture and physical verification of your car.

How does Root Car Insurance Works

Here Root Car Insurance provides you with new ways to get insurance for your car. You have to just download and install the Root car Insurance app from Google play store or Apple store.  Here there is no need to the car insurance agent or any form fill up for your car insurance, they never call you for verification. You can get your car insurance within less than a minute.

Once you install the app and register your detail about you and your car, they will measure your car driving performance and based on this your car driving behavior or skill, Root Insurance decide your car insurance premium. As per promise by Root Insurance company itself Better Driving = More saving.

As per the suggested plan by insurance, company customers can choose their plan as per need and or here customers can select their plan as per requirements. You have to pay there as per your selected car insurance plan. You can do everything from your app from basic registration to Payment for your insurance policy.


Root Insurance Company, 80 E Rich Street Suite 500 Columbus, OH 43215.

Claims Department: 9450 SW Gemini Dr #74730 Beaverton, Oregon 97008-7105

Root Car Insurance Contact Number: 1 866 903 7243, 1 866 903 8451

Root Car Insurance Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Features provided by Root Insurance App

By using Root insurance app you can apply many things for your needs,

Invite/add other people

Customers can invitee their Invite others in your household to drive, that means at a time of creating a profile you have the option there to add more drive for your car insurance.  Each driver can create their own profile to get car insurance.

Cancel Insurance Policy Request

You can make a cancellation request from the app if you already have insurance available for your car or you can request cancellation of your old insurance policy from the mobile application.

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Insurance Card

You can view your car insurance from the app itself. You can access it anytime when you need it to show anyone like at a time of the claim or to cop. Also, Root insurance provides you with a physical copy via mail to your address.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance request is one of the best features they provide, you can make a Roadside Assistance request when you want to rescue your car and the best thing is about root insurance is this facility is available with each and every policy.

Claim Report

You can file an insurance claim from the root insurance app, it too easy to file the insurance as per the company promise it will take about 3 minutes to get it done. Customers can claim by these easy steps like you will have to answer a very few questions about the car accident, submit photos of a damaged car and that’s it now agency will handle the rest of things.

Availability in the USA

As per company promises they are trying to open their outlet nationwide. And working hard on expanding the number of states we can serve.80% of the country they are now Available.

Root Car Insurance Availability in USA


Pros and Cons of Root Insurance

Pros of Root Insurance

  • If you fit their target market, rates are likely the lowest you’ll find as per other providers.
  • It can help those drivers who pay more due to limits on a standard insurance pricing model
  • Don’t have to commit to taking the trial. Can keep your current policy active, then switch once you get final pricing.
  • Its time saving, everything you will get online.

Cons of Root Insurance

  • Still new in Market, which means there are limited data on their claims handling!
  • No sales agent to ask questions before purchasing a policy — you can only buy through the app. (For questions you can use their FAQ Section in website)
  • There’s a three-week test driving period before getting a final quote. (have to Wait for little more)
  • They only offer car insurance to customers (no umbrella, motorcycle or boat coverage).

Final Words

If you are not in a hurry in finding car insurance companies because of your last date is not due you can have to go with Root car insurance it will take little time to get verification based on your car driving performance but at the end for people whose income is small to med and want save such money they can go with the Root Insurance definitely.