Exit Polls were announced on March 9 at 5.30 PM for five assembly elections 2017 held in the month of February and March 2017. The elections were held in the states of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

The total number of Assembly Constituencies in the States of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh along with the reserved seats are as follow: –

StateTotal No. of ACsReserved for SCsReserved for STs
Uttar Pradesh            403            84              2
Punjab            117            34             Nil
Uttarakhand            70           13              2
Manipur            60            1             19
Goa           40            1             Nil


Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election Results (Total Number of Seats- 403)

Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh were held in between 11th February to 9th March 2017. The results were declared on 11 March 2017. With the majority of votes, BJP becomes a winner. Let’s have a glimpse of the result shown below:

Uttar Pradesh Assembly Election


Punjab Assembly Election Results (Total Number of Seats- 117)

The coin of winning falls on the plate of Congress in Punjab state. As Amarinder Singh was the chief ministerial candidate, the things work out best for Congress this time. Have a look-out at the results:

Panjab Assembly Election

Uttarakhand Assembly Election Results (Total Number of Seats- 70)

Again the flag of winner-ship was won by BJP on the beautiful land of Uttarakhand. By breaking all the records, BJP has won an amazing success that will be remembered for a lifetime.


Uttarakhand Assembly Election



Manipur Assembly Election Results (Total Number of Seats- 60)

The BJP missed its victory flag in Manipur. It’s still not declared who is going to rule over Manipur state. The government of Manipur has invited BJP-led to form a combined government. Let have a quick view at the results of Manipur election:

Manipur Assembly Election

Goa Assembly Election Results (Total Seats- 40)

Neither the BJP nor the Congress has gained a majority on their own to form the government. Each one of them will have to look for support from MGP. Let’s see what the figure of Goa Assembly Elections reveals:

Goa Assembly Election