Everyone has a dream to buy his own house during his life, but it’s not easy for first time home buyers to buy it as we think. Every family has a financial plan or outline for their children. Or they have designed such ideas of living life after retirements. So an ideal person chooses to buy a house before their children and themself grow up. many questions can come to your mind before buying a new house or decision like what do the first time home buyers need, how does first time home buyers work or how to get a first time home buyers loan.

As per current real estate trends buying homes are quite tricky for an average person who earns $12-15 per hour. But some many financial agencies and banks offer you a home loan/mortgage to buy your dream house. So don’t overthink about your financial goal, do hard work and start thinking about your new dream house!

What need to know for First Time Home Buyer

Ask yourself: Are you ready for a new home?

Do not buy your own home just because everyone in your circle is buying or someone told you they its natural, or someone informs you that its a good deal to buy a home. If you have enough plan or financial status to invest your money in purchasing home, you can go with the one!

Location of house

Before you decide to buy a new home, please do check twice or thrice about location. Where your work location is, about your child’s school, or something on quick transportation. Here we would like to suggest to you that before you buy your house, you need to be sure how your lifestyle can be changed after moving to a new home,

Are you going to face such problems?

Or it’s easy for us to manage all things after moving to a new home?

Know your total budget

Another major part of the decision about buying a new house is your total budget. How much money you can afford to buy a new home. Bank will provide you with a loan, but along with setting up your house, you need to pay extra money as an initial booking amount for confirmation of your registration.

First time home buyers programs

Before investing your saved money in a new house, do analysis is any on offering a good amount of home buyer program or loan. you can find a number of campaign run by finance & loan agencies who offer a loan of new home buyers.

Make a list of your need

Before you choose any house, Prepare one list that you need this many things in your house. That will help you to decide on home from all such options. It always a good idea to make a list of key features of buying a new house that will not forget your needs!

For example, Number of bedrooms, bathrooms or Balcony per room, or if you are a person who loves to do a home party every weekend then you want an open space behind your house — playroom for your child or gym and yoga area and many more.

Hire a Real Estate agent

Generally, in the USA, Canada, and other European countries, no one has enough time to spend time on research things or to visit a single place for a home. So it will be good advice if you hire your real estate agent to find a house along with information on the location and other basic amenities in the house.

Commission of agent might be questioned for you, but the agent will help you in getting a secure choice of house. Also, you can find a new home online by using classified sites near you or by using a search engine like Google.

Know your Credit Score

Many people have such a question in mind that how to get a first time home buyers loan with no credit?. Credit Score is another essential part for any first time home buyers because credit score is one of the most significant factors in the approval of home loans. If you have a good number in credit score, then you will get approved and by using very little less paperwork because your record is excellent!

To know more about credit score visit, Consumer information which is government site. If your credit score is low, then you will get suffered from getting the loan or approval.

A first-time home buyer should avoid this Mistake

  • Not Save money for moving to a new house

Once your new home is ready you need to set up it like modern furniture, painting work, wooden work other any other needs so do save your money before moving!

  • Not set up a private estimate on closing cost

Once you get an approved loan from the bank and your house is ready to be yours, but you need to pay for other work like final paperwork or commission of bank and processing fees.

  • Didn’t think of a long term plan to get a new house

Before you choose your new home, you must think twice about your project. Are you buying a new house today instead of tomorrow? If the right time for you to not buying a home for the next few months?

  • Forget to check the home inspection

Do check or hire a home inspection consultant to review all the legal formality on land, build permission, taxes, and rest of legal activities.


As we all know, buying a new house is not an easy thing for first time home buyers. Do proper research about all the things mentioned above and make your plan with your dream house. All the best for the new house.