Source from Internet claim that both Social media platform adopted by Facebook, A Whatsapp and Instagram will be rebranded shortly.

Facebook bought Social media app Instagram in 2012 and other chat application Whatsapp in 2014 but there is no brand mention available in both apps. So many users don’t know both app/companies are occupied by Facebook.

Now getting news from an internet source that Facebook is changing the ownership of both app as Instagram will be known as “Instagram from Facebook” while WhatsApp will become “WhatsApp from Facebook.”

Facebook is calling this as a rebranding for both apps, and this is confirmed by one representative of Facebook yesterday. Spoke person from facebook given a statement to The Information as “We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook” all user will be notified shortly by facebook on this changing of rebranding.

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Where the new name will be displayed?

As per the source, the current name for both apps will be displayed in the same home screen of your smartphone and tablets but the plan if to change the name of both app Instagram and Whatsapp is on Google play store and Apple App Store.

Sources said that changes in both apps are coming as a result of antitrust regulators scrutinizing the company facebook’s holdings. The Federal Trade Commission’s in USA ongoing antitrust investigation into Facebook is looking at whether Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp before they could become a threat to its business.

As earlier both social media giant Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion and WhatsApp for $19 billion.